ANTA Press Release: Formation of the Greater Houston ANTA Chapter

ANTA Press Release: Formation of the Greater Houston ANTA Chapter
Association of Nepali Teraian in America (ANTA) is pleased to announce the formation of the Greater Houston ANTA Chapter (Texas) under the stellar leadership of Dr. Kaushal K. Jha. Those who know Kaushal Ji are well aware of his unwavering commitment to the community and path of righteousness. Kaushal Ji has played a pivotal role during ANTA’s thick and thin. Most recently, he has held the position of Treasurer in ANTA and has successfully contributed in creating utmost transparency and accountability to ANTA’s finance. The foundation of the new ANTA chapter was laid during a Vijaya Dashami dinner organized at Kaushal Ji’s residence on Oct 7th in Houston. More than 50 Teraians living in Houston and the surrounding areas attended this event. The event provided a great platform for exchange of thoughts and ideas amongst community members and culminated in the formation of the chapter. The occasion was also attended by Mr. Ratan Jha, ANTA’s founding member & President and Dr. Subodh Mallik, Senior Vice President, ANTA current Executive Committee. Above all, the presence of our respected elders, Dr Birendra Mallik and his wife, Mrs. Shyamkala Mallik, graced the occasion.
ANTA Executive Committee congratulates the new team and their families and friends on this great milestone and wish them all the best in their endeavors to provide a fulfilling forum for all Teraians living in the greater Houston area.
1. Dr. Kaushal Jha - President
2. Mr. Jay Ram Mandal - Vice President
3. Mr. Arun Chaudhary - General Secretary
4. Mr. Bishwa Bandhu Lal Karna - Treasurer
Board of Members:
1. Mr. Amilal Yadav
2. Mr. Dhan Bahadur Mahto
3. Mr. Dhananjay Sharma
4. Mrs. Mamta Karn Sharma
5. Mr Pramod Jha
6. Dr. Raj Yadav
7. Mr Rajan Adhikari
8. Mr. Sudhir Jha
9. Mrs. Usha Jha
10. Mr. Vishal Singh
1. Mr. Ratan Jha
2 Dr. Rupak Rauniyar
3. Dr. Mamta Singh
4. Dr. Ram Lakhan Ray
5. Dr. Vijay K Jha
For more information please visit ANTA on Facebook… Please like and share.
Aprajita Jha, Spokesperson, 201-621-1206
Vijay K Singh, President, 703-987-7457

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