Press Release: Appointment of an Interim Executive Board Jan 1, 2017

Press Release:  Appointment of an Interim Executive Board Jan 1, 2017

The Association of Nepalis in the Americas Board of Trustees (BoT), held its meeting on Dec 26, 2016 to discuss the next steps after the expiration of the current board’s term on January 6th, 2017.

The BoT profusely thanked the current ANA executive team led by Dr. Shambhu Dhunagana for their service and greatly appreciated the good work of the team in furthering the goals of ANA.

The BoT has created an interim board consisting of the following individuals to fill the gap in ANA’s executive board from January 7, 2017 until the end of the July 4th annual convention in 2017.

Mr. Medini Adhikari - President Mr. Khagendra Adhikari - Sr. Vice President Dr. Tulsi Joshi - Communication Director Mr. Bijay Shrestha - Board member Mr. Rajendra Khatiwada - Board member

The interim board shall serve at the will of the BoT. The board will remain in place until the next duly elected executive body takes over its duties for a three-year term in July, 2017. 

Historically, the ANA elections were held in June every two years and the new executives began their term at the end of annual July 4th weekend convention. However, the last ANA election was held in January 2015 by court appointed trustee, and accordingly, the term of the current board ends on January 6, 2017. 

The BoT has also appointed Mr. Roger Adhikari of California as a trustee to fill the current vacant position. As the immediate past president, Mr. Adhikari is currently a member of the Board of Trustees, but his term would have expired on January 7, 2017 once the current ANA president joins the BoT as the immediate past president.

  To safeguard the goals and objectives of ANA in case of major organizational crisis, the ANA Board of Trustee (BoT) was created by ANA in 2015 by amending the organization’s by-laws. The by-laws were approved by ANA members and they were further ratified in the annual general meeting (AGM) in Atlanta, GA during the 2016 July fourth convention. 

The Association of Nepalis in the Americas (ANA) is the oldest Nepali organization in North America, and is committed to unite and help strengthen the Nepali community in the Americas.

On Behalf of Association of Nepalis in the Americas (ANA) Board of Trustee

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